Over the past few years, the First Nations taxation environment has incurred many changes primarily stemming from new applications from the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec.  Interpretations arising from judgments such as William, Recalma, Bastien and Shiling have greatly modified the application of taxation laws wherein the majority of First Nations members have a difficult time understanding and/or following these changes.

According to a study commissioned by the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Economic Development Commission (FNQLEDC), Aboriginal taxation is one of the major obstacles in terms of entrepreneurship in Aboriginal communities.  Since June 2014, and in order to address this situation, the FNQLEDC has been offering support and counselling services on Aboriginal taxation. The service is a personalized first line service that meets the needs of a targeted clientele with regards to taxation.

Reasons for Advisory Services in Aboriginal Taxation?
  • There are significant gaps in terms of understanding the latest judgments and taxation notions in general;
  • Several entrepreneurs don’t accurately perceive taxes and are exposed to legal interventions.     
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